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Quickly Share Sensitive Files with Uncompromising Security

High-Speed Secure File Transfer For: Law Firms | Insurances | Tax Advisors | Corporate Accounting | Notary | FinTech | Finance | Pharma | Schools | Institutions | Photographers | Broadcasting | Digital Content Creation | Media influencing | Media Delivery Services | Digital Content Creation | Film Festival | Doctors | Pediatricians | Dentists | Automotive |

Information Security, Governance & Compliance

Reduce the likelihood of insider threats, data breaches and ransomware attacks. Maximize organizational adherence to regulatory compliance requirements and cyber-security best practices and standards.

Efficient Large File Collaboration

Sharing large files or massive folders can be a huge pain. AlephTransfer makes it easier and make external sharing seamless. Aleph Transfer is the fastest and most reliable way to transfer time critical files.

290% Return On Investment

AlephTransfer helps in reducing infrastructure maintenance cost, increasing employee productivity gain, and boosting project efficiency.


Servers worldwide


Requests Per Day


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Guaranteed Uptime

AlephTransfer Empowers Organizations to Send Sensitive Documents, Data, and Content with Ease

Today, Business Email Compromise (BEC) is responsible for over 50% of cybercrime losses. At the same time, organizations throughout virtually every industry continue to share highly sensitive information via low-security email attachments or easily breached cloud sharing services.

At AlephTransfer, our streamlined Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform was designed to promote a smooth workflow while keeping files safe. AlephTransfer includes:

  • High-volume transfers for large file sizes

  • Multi-layered security to prevent harmful data breaches

  • User-friendly accessibility for uninterrupted productivity

  • Versatile usability that supports cloud-based and on-premises access

Whether you’re in need of a long-term file sharing system or a safe way to transfer attachments for a near-term project, AlephTransfer is a scalable, global solution.

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Get Started with AlephTransfer Today

Start transferring files in seconds. We invite interested organizations to reach out to our dedicated support team today to get started.

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With AlephTransfer, Teams Can Accelerate Their Productivity without Putting Data at Risk

For startups, small businesses, and enterprises alike, sensitive data can be found around every turn. At the same time, organizations need to work on both an internal and external-basis to conduct day-to-day business.

Whether you’re sending files to coworkers, clients, or contractors, safely distributing content is key. That’s where AlephTransfer can help.

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The AlephTransfer Advantages

As your organization embraces new technologies, you may be taking undue risks by using complicated collaborative online platforms. Although these platforms promise to improve organizational efficiency, they can quickly become clunky and difficult to use. In turn, employees find unsecured workarounds to transfer information, share key documents, and access folders.

Unlike online project management or collaboration platforms, AlephTransfer:

  • Offers high-level encryption as files are uploaded, sent, held, and downloaded

  • Provides an intuitive user experience with unmatched speed and dependability

  • Enables on-premises integration, deploying directly within client infrastructures

  • Keeps file access under control without unwieldy sharing practices

How to Use AlephTransfer

AlephTransfer was designed with ease-of-use in mind, catering to team members with any level of technical proficiency. To get started, simply:

  • Offers high-level encryption as files are uploaded, sent, held, and downloaded

  • Enter sender and recipient email addresses or create a stand-alone file link

  • Provide a subject line and message

  • Include an optional password, expiration date, download limit, and more

Then send a link to intended file recipients. AlephTransfer’s simple interface guides users, facilitating faster and more secure file transfers without complicated processes or delays. In turn, you can conduct everyday operations with greater governance and peace of mind.

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Versatile Add-On Operability

As a multifaceted SaaS solution, AlephTransfer operates as an add-on that seamlessly integrates with browsers, Outlook 365, and command lines. In turn, programmers, administrators, and developers can easily adapt AlephTransfer to their unique needs.

Send High-Risk Data with Confidence

Whether your organization routinely handles highly sensitive data or needs a trusted, large-capacity file transfer solution, AlephTransfer can help. As a result, you can prevent a costly data breach or confidentiality leak before it’s too late.

Whether you’re interested in getting started or have questions, we invite you to reach out to our dedicated AlephTransfer support team today.

AlephTransfer Client Management

We do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

AlephTransfer is a high-speed, secure large file transfer service.

Outlook Add-in

Send secure attachments from your email.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop files directly into Outlook for instant encryption.

Retention Period

Set file expiration time from 1 to 365 days. After this time the file will no longer be accessible.

Max Downloads

Set the number of times a file can be downloaded before the link expires

Password/SMS Protection

Easily set passwords to uploaded files on the fly.
Send passwords directly to recipient by text message.

High-Speed Encryption

High-Speed encryption on large and/or many files regardless of file type.

Notification (Accessed/Failure)

Receive a notification the moment file has been accessed/expired.

Return Portal

We provide a return portal so that people outside your organization can send files back securely.


AlephTransfer is released in twelve languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, etc.

Files Size Limit

Send files up to 10TB in size on the Cloud or without limit On-Prem.

Cloud/On-Premises integration

Easily integrate with any Cloud provider or into your On-Premises server.

No account needed/SSO enabled

Recipients don’t have to create an account to access protected files.


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AlephTransfer Team Member

“ Since 2017, AlephTransfer helped us achieve our ultimate goal: securely share insurance web archives during trials. ”

Tim Hendrickson - Infrastructure Analyst

StateFarm Insurance (Ilinois)

AlephTransfer Team Member

“ We selected AlephTransfer as the only file transfer option for all our clients because it's quicker, easier and more secure than any other platform we've used. ”

Damien Conus - Managing Partner

Vischer (Geneva)

AlephTransfer Team Member

“ Data privacy is key in our dealings with customers. AlephTransfer offers us an effective, secure and yet simple solution to exchange data in a safe environment, avoiding large files transfer and capacity issues. AlephTransfer greatly facilitates interactions between our firm and our customers and helps us maintain a level of confidentiality in our operations ”

Christian Soguel - Direction

Auditoria (Lausanne)

AlephTransfer Team Member

“ At FullerLando, data safety and transfer speed are top priorities. Exchanging audit, tax and advisory information with customers has been a real challenge for years. Luckily, AlephTransfer simplicity, OnPrem deployment and 24/7 support helped us meet those goals and exceeded our expectations.”

Marco De Lisi - IT Manager

Fuller Landau (Montréal)

AlephTransfer Team Member

“ At Maestro, we offer an ERP for real-time project costs management. By integrating AlephTransfer into our platform, we ensure better confidentiality during the exchange of documents (quotes, estimates, invoices) and project-related activities. ”

Laurent M. Seddik - Data Architect

Maestro Group (Montréal)

Celebrating Our Origin. Pioneering Our Future.

As trusted advisors, developers, and innovators for legal, tech, and accounting firms alike, our team supports the full spectrum of service-based industries. Established in 2010 in Lausanne (Switzerland), we have built our reputation on enduring partnerships, technological prowess, and experience. In turn, we are in the premier position to help new clients onboard innovative technologies that align with their existing processes and goals.


Get Started with AlephTransfer Today

Start transferring files in seconds. We invite interested organizations to reach out to our dedicated support team today to get started.

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Enterprise solutions that work around you

Keep all your files inside your organization. Deploy your own AlephTransfer server On-Prem or in your private Cloud.

Control Critical Content

A unified platform to secure your most valuable and high-risk data. Across any cloud, any device, anywhere.

Protect Your Sensitive Data

Learn how to reduce your risk exposure, both from external and internal threats.

Integrations & APIs

Govern content across projects and build custom workflows with open APIs.


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